2024 Renault Clio Facelift Reveals Its New Face During Filming

Renault is expected to unveil the updated version of the Clio this spring. Will it have a PHEV powertrain?

by Sebastien Bell

February 20, 2023 at 11:05

 2024 Renault Clio Facelift Reveals Its New Face During Filming

by Sebastien Bell

NPhotos and video of the facelifted Renault Clio have been captured in Valencia, Spain, highlighting the compact car’s new front end, and its bold new light signature.

Automakers are increasingly using lights, rather than grilles, to distinguish the front ends of their models and to signal how tech-forward and modern they are. Renault will be no exception to the trend as the updated Clio appears to be getting a dramatic refresh on the headlight department.

Two chevrons pointing in at either side of the front end underline the thin new headlights, which transition seamlessly into a chrome bar across the grille, and through the diamond-shaped Renault logo. It also looks like the section of the grille beneath the Renault logo will be wider.

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Unfortunately, the video gets just one angle on the car, so little else of the design can be seen. Since the Clio is filmed by a proper camera truck suggests that Renault could be preparing promotional materials for their refreshed city car.

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Since this is just an update, it’s unlikely that Renault is planning wildly different powertrain options for the new model. Rumors have suggested though, that the automaker may choose to give the Clio the Captur’s plug-in hybrid drivetrain. That setup is based around a 1.6-liter gas engine, and it can deliver up to 28 miles (45 km) of electric-only driving in the crossover.

First unveiled in 2019, the fifth-generation Clio is now four years old, making this an ideal time for an update. Indeed, the refreshed model is widely expected to be unveiled this spring.

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