Columbus Zoo Welcomes 3 Endangered Dama Gazelle Calves —Africa

This year, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is celebrating the birth of 3 endangered dama gazelle calves, the rarest species of all gazelles.

Dama Gazelle Calves

The zoo reports that the calves are flourishing as a result of additional assistance from their skilled care team. The calves were born in the Heart of Africa region throughout January and February.

On January 21, a female calf was born to first-time mother Kix. The calf was the zoo’s first new arrival of the year.

Her temperature was a little bit higher than usual the following day, according to the care team. She was treated medically and given a catheter as a precaution. The calf recovered after three days.

On January 31, the second calf was born when seasoned mother Susie bore her female calf with sire, Zultan.

The calf’s caretakers noticed that it had not been nursing all night. The calf quickly latched and started nursing from her mother during the same feeding session as soon as they entered with a bottle.

The calf is described by the zoo as being quite playful as well as spunky after having a catheter for a few days too. They add that she inherited the love of running and a high level of activity from her mother, Susie Cruise.

On February 7, mother Raisin and father Kabili-who also sired Kix’s calf-had their third calf, a male.

Although the calf had no trouble nursing, the care team occasionally noticed him splaying, which could lead to later, more serious problems.

To help support and stabilize him as he developed his strength, the team put his back legs on a “hobble” system. The system was taken out after a few days, according to the zoo, and he is now strong, healthy, and active.

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Heart of Africa

According to Shannon Borders, the curator of the Heart of Africa area at the Columbus Zoo, the team has welcomed 14 dama gazelle calves since the region opened in 2014. Each birth is significant for the survival of this rare species, even though the small calves sometimes need extra care and medical attention.

Borders expressed her pride in the care teams’ commitment and expertise in ensuring the calves’ health and overall well-being. The calves are nearly as fast as the adults and will soon be available for observation by guests, who will also learn more about the species.

The three unnamed calves are currently bonding with their mothers and each other in a secluded area, with access to outdoor yards on pleasant days. The Heart of Africa area is closed for the winter and will reopen in the spring, according to 10WBNS.

As stated by the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, the Heart of Africa is the largest region in the zoo, covering 43 acres. The Heart of Africa also showcases various African projects that the zoo supports.

Dama Gazelle

The dama gazelle, which is the largest species of gazelle and is critically endangered, is also one of the rarest. Data from the Smithsonian’s National Zoo reveals that there are fewer than 400 individuals left in the wild, primarily in Chad and Sudan. The dama gazelle, also known as the mhorr or addra gazelle, was previously abundant and widespread in the Sahara’s arid and semi-arid regions.

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