Former YouTuber Criticized for “Irresponsible” Animal Rehoming After Confirming Pet was not a Mini Pig

When he left his pet next door, a former YouTuber who believed he had purchased a mini pig was accused of “irresponsible” animal rehoming.

A recent video posted by The Gentle Barn is unlike the typical viral TikToks that feature a silly cooking trick or a big, fluffy dog cuddling with a tiny kitten. The Gentle Barn is a nonprofit animal sanctuary that has been rescuing animals since 1999.

   @thegentlebarn Replying to @furballteam PEARL UPDATE: This is everything we’ve done for her since her rescue—and her new favorite things! ️ #pigrescue #animalrescuestory #thegentlebarn ♬ You Found Me – Instrumental Pop Songs    

 This week Pearl the pig was discovered abandoned in a field in California next to a dead pig. According to the TikTok caption, Pearl has undoubtedly experienced trauma that is beyond what the nonprofit can fathom, but she is now safe at the sanctuary.

Logan Paul and His Mini Pig

According to a statement obtained by Treehugger, Pearl was discovered with torn and tattered ears, horribly overgrown hooves, and a potentially fatal infection in her uterus. According to information provided to The Gentle Barn, it is thought that Pearl was originally bought from a breeder by an influencer, according to a caption from one of the nonprofit’s social media posts about her rescue. People frequently purchase “mini pigs” or “teacup pigs” online in the hopes that they will remain small. Sadly, they are discarded when they inevitably become very large and develop numerous unanticipated needs. Because the internet is the internet, TikTok sleuths swiftly learned the “influencer” was Logan Paul, a former YouTuber who is now a professional wrestler. Paul purchased the pig after learning that she was a miniature pig, according to a tweet from February 2020.

Rehoming Pearl… Again and Again

However, Paul rehomed Pearl to a nearby rancher when he decided to leave his Encino home during the pandemic and move to Puerto Rico, as he explained during a “TMZ Live” interview. Paul continued by saying that, unbeknownst to him, Pearl was given away once more when that rancher relocated to Nevada.

Paul wrote to The Gentle Barn in response to the online backlash against him, thanking them and promising to give the sanctuary a gift in return. The spokesperson for the sanctuary has yet to confirm whether it has been received by any news organizations.

The Gentle Barn claims that they were asked to accept Pearl into their forever home. She took some time to adjust, but now she gets to roam the barnyard with the other potbelly pigs.

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Mini Pigs

Online animal rights activists also chastised Paul for the initial careless rehoming of the animals. There isn’t any such thing as a “mini pig,” according to others.

They are also known as “teacup pigs,” a made-up breed that irresponsible breeders have popularized over the past ten years. Adult “mini pigs” have the potential to weigh up to 400 pounds, outgrowing the homes, expectations, as well as affections of their owners.

The Gentle Barn stated that people must realize that “teacup” or “micro” pigs like Pearl don’t actually exist. All pigs mature into large animals, so if you’re considering adopting one, you should consider all of their requirements and create a plan of action for them as they expand.

According to a statement from the nonprofit, The Gentle Barn is feeding her organic fruits, vegetables, and grains to get her back into shape, healthy, and full of energy, and is also giving her sound therapy. Now that Pearl has joined her new potbelly pig family, they enjoy daytime adventures and nighttime sleepovers together. Barry, another pig at the sanctuary, is her best friend; the two of them even cuddle, Treehugger reports.

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