Isolated Tornadoes, Flash Flooding Likely to Impact in Texas to Ohio Due to Another Severe Weather, Forecast Warns

The latest weather forecasts warned of another storm system that could unload isolated tornadoes and flooding downpours in the South, especially in parts of Texas and Ohio this week.

The challenging weather conditions could result in flash flooding, thunderstorms and damaging winds. Staying updated is essential.

Recently, the Associated Press and CNN reported that tornado outbreaks emerged in Oklahoma City, causing damage to properties.

The tornadoes also resulted in power outages.

Isolated tornadoes and severe weather risk

AccuWeather monitors the development of possible severe weather risks.

In the latest forecasts, the weather agency said another round of storms could unleash severe weather conditions in Oklahoma, Texas and Ohio.

Based on AccuWeather’s outlook, severe thunders could unfold from Wednesday until Wednesday night.

Homeowners could notice possible tornadoes, hail and damaging wind gusts.

On same day, possible at-risk areas are Memphis, Nashville and Shreveport.

The National Weather Service and NOAA WRN Ambassadors advised homeowners to keep multiple sources and alerts for tornado warnings, especially if their area is prone to tornadoes.

Furthermore, the problematic weather conditions could cause road delays and hazards this week.

It is best to check the road details before departing, especially on Interstate 10 and 35.

March 22, 2022 in Round Rock, Texas. There is a possibility that isolated tornadoes and flash flooding would occur in parts of the South, especially in Texas to Ohio

(Photo : by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)
March 22, 2022 in Round Rock, Texas. There is a possibility that isolated tornadoes and flash flooding would occur in parts of the South, especially in Texas to Ohio

From Thursday to Friday, storm could still cause severe weather conditions.

The forecast said weather risk could unleash from Thursday until night in Paducah, Jackson, New Orleans and Houston.

The moderate risk would unfold in Dallas and Little Rock.

On Friday, the forecast said severe weather risks could unfold in Montgomery, Atlanta, Albany, Augusta, Charlotte, Raleigh, Knoxville, Lexington, Columbus and Chattanooga.

Homeowners could also stay alert for flooding rain in Little Rock, Memphis, Nashville, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and St. Louis.

Stay updated with AccuWeather and National Weather Service for the latest weather updates.

Developing winter storms in the Northeast

In some parts of the United States, the National Weather Prediction Center said that a developing winter storm would hit parts of the Northeast, bringing significant snow and rain.

Meanwhile, the NWS advisory showed that the wetter conditions in California improved the prolonged drought conditions.

How to prepare for isolated tornadoes

The latest weather forecasts explained that isolated tornadoes and possible flash flooding could emerge in the South, especially in Texas and Ohio.

In previous news reports, Nature World News reported the importance of disaster preparedness during tornado outbreaks.

The recent aftermath of a tornado in Oklahoma City showed how tornadoes could cause widespread damage to lives and properties.

Here are important reminders for homeowners before and during tornado outbreaks.

Prepare an emergency bag and supplies.

Emergency kits are crucial during severe or extreme weather. The American Red Cross explained the crucial role of emergency supplies and kits during natural disasters, including tornadoes.

Homeowners should keep the following:

  • Battery-operated flashlight beside you
  • Battery-powered radio with extra batteries
  • Medicines and non-perishable goods
  • Extra blanket and clothes

Stay updated with tornado updates.

A tornado watch helps homeowners anticipate possible tornadoes. However, the situation could become challenging at night.

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