Latest Weather Forecast: Dangerous, Severe Weather Conditions to Unleash in Southern U.S This Week, Forecast Warns

The latest weather forecast warned that severe conditions would unleash heavy rain and possible flooding in the Southern United States this week, causing travel disruptions and flash flooding.

Residents near the affected areas should keep updated with the dangerous and severe weather conditions, especially this week due to flooding.

Recently, portions of the South suffered from violent tornado outbreaks that resulted in significant power outages and widespread damage, especially in Texas, Houston and Alabama.

Heavy rain and severe weather conditions

According to AccuWeather’s latest forecast, severe weather conditions would begin on Monday, causing flash flooding, reduced visibility, travel disruptions and waterspout risks.

The severe weather risks would result in heavy rain, affecting portions of Jackson, New Orleans, Atlanta, Charleston and Tallahassee.

The weather would then lead to possible localized flooding that could stretch to Carolinas, Georgia and Alabama. Residents should consider the poor weather outlook for flooding, especially those near the coastal areas.

The forecast noted that the conditions on Monday would become difficult for many motorists on Interstates (10,65, and 85) this week.

The weather conditions are expected to become better in Midweek.

On the other hand, the National Weather Service said that the central and western United States would notice a cold beginning of February.

Meanwhile, the advisory added that there could be a prolonged ice condition in the mid-Mississippi Valley and Southern Plains starting Monday.

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The weather forecast noted that there could be a chance of freezing rain.

Did you know?

Dangerous and devastating tornadoes have been unloaded in the United States. Tornadoes are life-threatening that destroy anything.

  • According to Reuters and NOAA, a powerful tornado outbreak unleashed in the U.S. in 1925, hitting portions of Missouri, Indiana and Illinois.
  • The reports said that the tornado outbreaks resulted in 695 casualties, widespread damage to homes and 2,000 residents were injured.
  • Mississippi is not a stranger to tornadoes. Reuters explained that a devastating tornado outbreak unfolded in Tupelo, Mississippi, on April 5 to 6, 1936.
  • The impact of the dangerous tornado in Mississippi resulted in about 3 million property damage and 216 casualties.

Flooding safety tips

The recent weather forecast warned that severe weather conditions would unload flooding rainfall in portions of the Southern United States.

Residents and motorists could be affected. As a result, staying safe is significant to avoid possible accidents and casualties. Here are important reminders to keep in mind.

  • Knowing the weather conditions is significant to prepare for the storm’s impact. It would help if you stayed alert from floodwaters, thunderstorms and flash flooding.
  • Motorists should consider driving slowly as the weather conditions would become challenging for motorists.
  • Be prepared to evacuate immediately when floodwaters become severe.
  • Avoid floodwaters, and it is best to reschedule your appointment when the weather improves.
  • Have an emergency plan with your family for possible thunderstorm outbreaks, violent tornadoes and flooding rainfall.
  • If you plan to travel this week, it is advisable to bring an umbrella and raincoat protection to avoid the hassle of the rounds of rain.

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