Melbourne Weather: Scorching Weekend Anticipated; Urgent Cyclone Warning Issued, Massive Storm to Hit East Coast

Hazardous storms are expected to hit regions north of Sydney in the coming days, with officials advising residents to avoid windows in case lightning hits.

The storms are a result of the high heat that has swept through eastern and southeastern Australia.

According to senior Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist Jonathan How, hot weather in central Australia will begin to move eastwards this morning.

Heatwave, and thunderstorm threats persist

Sydneysiders Enjoy Warm Weather As NSW Records No New Local COVID-19 Cases

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The heatwave will hit regions of South Australia, western New South Wales, and Victoria, as well as Tasmania, How said, as per 9News.

People had lots of thunderstorms over NSW and Queensland yesterday, and that thunderstorm danger is still present today, especially in regions north of Sydney.

Storms are heading eastward from the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, towards Hawkesbury, Parramatta, Erskine Park, and Liverpool, according to the bureau.

The State Emergency Service has cautioned residents in impacted regions to brace themselves for destructive winds and hailstones.

Residents were warned to take precautions, such as “keeping away from windows,” transferring their vehicles to covered locations, unplugging laptops and appliances, and ceasing use of phone lines.

A little youngster is in critical condition after being struck by lightning on a beach south of Sydney yesterday.

He was swimming at Shellharbour’s Warrilla Beach when he was hit, leaving him serious burns on his chest.

The hot weather will hit South Australia first, with Adelaide expected to hit 37 degrees Celsius today, followed by Victoria (35 degrees Celsius) and NSW (31 degrees Celsius) tomorrow.

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Wet weather will accompany the heat over the weekend

Hot temperatures will hammer Australia, with Melbourne being the most impacted, while thunderstorms and a probable cyclone will wreak havoc on other areas of the country, as per DailyMail.

Temperatures will rise over 30 degrees Celsius across the country in the following days.

Thunderstorms are expected to accompany the heat over the east coast, with showers lasting until next week.

Showers and temperatures of 27 degrees Celsius will reach Sydney on Friday, before temperatures rise to 30 degrees Celsius on Saturday and Sunday.

Melbourne will be 27 degrees Celsius on Friday, followed by 35 degrees Celsius and largely sunny conditions on Saturday.

The temperature will drop again, bringing the brief scorching weather to an end, with a cold 23 degrees Celsius anticipated on Sunday.

Temperatures in Brisbane will reach 32 degrees Celsius on Friday, 30 degrees Celsius on Saturday, and 31 degrees Celsius on Sunday.

Showers will arrive in the city over the weekend, before clearing on Sunday and returning on Monday.

The rest of the week will see temperatures in the low 30s.

Perth will see a string of hot days, with temperatures reaching 31 degrees Celsius on Saturday, 33 degrees Celsius on Sunday, and 34 degrees Celsius on Monday.

The temperature is forecast to continue high for the remainder of the week.

The blazing temperatures will be followed by severe winds and rains across the state, with tropical Cyclone Freddy possibly forming across Western Australia.

If the cyclone forms, it may bring winds of up to 125km/h and heavy rain.

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