Minutes After Dropping His Car Off For Inspection, Owner Spots It At McDonald’s

A Maryland man dropped off his car for an inspection and saw a mechanic making a food run in it 10 minutes later

by Michael Gauthier

1 hour ago

 Minutes After Dropping His Car Off For Inspection, Owner Spots It At McDonald’s

by Michael Gauthier

Imagine dropping your car off for an inspection, walking ten minutes to a nearby McDonald’s to grab breakfast, and then seeing a mechanic arrive in your vehicle to do the same.

TikTok user @euqir78 (Rique) didn’t have to imagine that scenario as it reportedly happened to him last week.  As you can see in the video, he’s sitting at a McDonald’s booth and films someone carrying multiple drinks and bags of food.  After the man exits the building, Rique explains the situation as the apparent shop employee gets into his Ford Fiesta and drives away.

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The video quickly went viral and thousands of people chimed in with comments ranging from outrage to support for the mechanic.  McDonald’s even tried to capitalize on the video themselves by commenting “and he didn’t even ask if u wanted something.”

The car was apparently taken in for a safety inspection and Maryland’s Motor Vehicle Administration calls for technicians to examine an assortment of interior and exterior components as well as the brakes, suspension, fuel system, and emissions equipment.  They’re also required to ensure the speedometer and odometer are working, and this means your vehicle needs to be driven at least a short distance.

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A McDonald’s run seems a bit much, but in an update Rique says they had to “change something,” so he knew his car was going to be driven.  However, he claims they weren’t even working on his vehicle at that point. Rique then says he confronted the shop and asked if this was normal, to which they reportedly responded yes.  Nevertheless, he’s said he’s not upset or angry about the incident.

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