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Netflix Series “Explained” References The Healthy Home Economist

The Netflix series Explained references the research published on The Healthy Home Economist regarding the brand Sugar in the Raw.

banner of Netflix show Explained episode on Sugar

Hey everyone…

I wanted to let you know some fun news!

Information from my research published here on The Healthy Home Economist was referenced in the Netflix show “Explained”.

A fan of the blog FB page clued me in … thank you Rebecca W. for that nice surprise today 🙂

The episode where the reference occurs is the one titled “Sugar” in Season 3.

They used my research on the brand Sugar in the Raw and how this product isn’t raw at all.

What’s even more insidious, Sugar in the Raw only contains a marginal amount of minerals compared to the completely devoid white sugar…not even close to what unprocessed evaporated cane sugar (sucanat) contains.

It’s a prime example of false marketing that confuses consumers into believing something about a product that is incorrect.

You can see the reference starting at 19:17 (Season 3, Episode “Sugar”)

If you’ve seen this show, what did you think?

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