Reckless BMW Driver Crosses Into Opposite Lane And Crashes Head On Into MX-5

The driver of the BMW 3-Series attempted to hit the apex along a curving mountain road and ended up crashing into a Mazda MX-5

by Brad Anderson

1 hour ago

by Brad Anderson

The driver of an E36-generation BMW 3-Series has discovered firsthand what can happen if you drive on the wrong side of the road along a curving canyon road.

Dashcam footage from a Mazda MX-5 Miata owner was recently shared to Instagram shows the moment of a crash that could have been easily avoided. The clip shows the MX-5 Miata owner enjoying the spectacular road but as he approaches a right-hand bend, you’ll notice something off. There’s a BMW 3-Series driving on the wrong side of the road while attempting to clip the apex of the curve.

The MX-5 owner’s view of the BMW was blocked by the guard rail so by the time the BMW came into view, it was too late to avoid a collision. The driver of the 3-Series quickly swerved to the right to try and avoid a crash but still ends up slamming into the Mazda.

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Images taken after the crash show that both the Mazda and the BMW sustained serious damage, although it is the offending 3-Series that appears to have copped the most damage. Its front wheel, hub, and axle components have been bent to a 90-degree angle, the sides have been badly scrapped, and the rear wheel has also been bent out of position. As for the Miata, its front quarter panel and driver’s side front wheel have been mangled.

The driver of the Mazda, Nick, describes the Miata M-Edition as a dream car and reveals that he only purchased it in October. While the car was left badly damaged in the crash, he told The Drive that both he and his passenger escaped without injury, other than some minor whiplash. The occupants of the BMW also avoided injury.

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Clearly, the whole thing could have been avoided had the driver of the 3-Series not made the dim-witted decision to drive on the wrong side of the road, seemingly thinking that they were on a racetrack.

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