Severe Weather Forecast: Rounds of Freezing Weather to Unfold in Dallas, Nashville, Ohio Valley This Week; Forecast Warns of Dangerous Travel

The beginning of February would be challenging for many motorists and residents as severe weather conditions with rounds of freezing rain are expected to unload in Nashville, Ohio Valley, and Dallas.

Motorists aiming to travel this week should look into the severe weather conditions that would result in significant travel delays and hazardous travel.

The early week of February in the United States would be problematic as flooding rainfall would result in dangerous situations for residents in the South.

Rain and icy conditions

According to AccuWeather’s latest forecast, the weather report noted that portions of Dallas, Ohio Valley and Southern Plains would expect wintry conditions this week.

Residents expecting colder air would notice this week as light rain could bring breezy conditions in Texas, Tennessee and Kentucky.

Recently, USA Today reported that portions of the Northeast suffered from heavy snow that resulted in significant travel delays, business closures, school cancellations and widespread power outages.

On the other hand, the forecast said that winter warnings are present in portions of Texas, Southeastern Oklahoma, Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas.

The weather outlook on Monday showed that ice and thunderstorms are expected to unload this week.

The weather forecast said that spotty ice would unfold in Dallas and Oklahoma City.

Thunderstorms with rain would unleash in Houston.

In addition, the weather forecast said that Little Rock, Lubbock and El Paso would notice a chilly air breeze this week.

According to the NWS Weather Prediction Center, this week’s weather outlook would expect a bitter beginning of cold air this week in the Western and Central States.

Meanwhile, residents and motorists on the East Coast would anticipate colder temperatures and mild weather on Saturday and Friday.

On Tuesday, AccuWeather reported that the weather conditions would become troublesome for motorists due to icy mix conditions.

The latest weather forecast said icy mixed conditions are expected in Dallas, Lubbock, Oklahoma, Wichita and Little Rock.

Meanwhile, light to moderate rain would unload in San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Jackson and New Orleans.

On the same day, the forecast said that freezing rain would reach Southern Missouri, Central Texas, Kentucky and Tennessee this week.

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On Wednesday, the weather forecast said the ice storm would cause power outages and tree damage this week.

A significant ice storm would unfold in Lubbock, Dallas, Lubbock, Oklahoma City, Memphis and Charleston.

Due to the freezing potential, the chance of power outages would unleash in affected areas.

Staying safe during freezing travel

According to the CDC on winter storm alerts, the weather forecast explained that winter storms and freezing rain would be chaotic for many motorists.

Staying warm during winter and freezing events is extremely important.

Before traveling, it is best that motorists should check the weather conditions before planning to travel.

Ice conditions would result in road crashes and significant travel disruptions.

There is a chance that major roads would experience slippery travel due to snow and wet weather.

Road closures and delays are expected.

Did you know?

According to USA Facts, flooding is a common natural disaster in the United States. The report said that 99% of counties in the United States suffered from one flooding event between 1996 to 2019.

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