Unique Catch: Rare Blue Lobster Discovered by Fisherman Near Blackhead Lighthouse

A fisherman in Belfast Lough caught a rare blue lobster while fishing. The catch is considered super rare due to million chances.

However, BBC’s recent report explained that a lucky fisherman from Bangor in County Down managed to catch a super rare lobster.

Stuart Brown chanced upon the mesmerizing blue color of the crustacean near the Blackhead Lighthouse.

Thought to be a regular catch, Brown did not expect to come across the rare lobster on his fishing journey.

Catching a blue lobster is not easy. The uncommon sea creature would take possible million chances to chance upon a good catch.

According to How Stuff Works, the University of Maine’s Lobster Insitute explained finding a blue lobster is one in two million chances.

Meanwhile, BBC added that Brown immediately searched the information about the blue lobsters, noting the chances of catching one.

Because of the lobster’s size, Brown brought it back to the lobster in the sea.

Lucky blue in Maine

Unique Catch: Rare Blue Lobster Discovered by Fisherman near Blackhead Lighthouse

(Photo : by Finnbarr Webster/Getty Images)
Unique Catch: Rare Blue Lobster Discovered by Fisherman near Blackhead Lighthouse

Meanwhile, The USA reported in 2022 that a father and son found a rare blue lobster on Peaks Island. They have named the lobster ‘Lucky Blue.’

The discovery amazed them, incredibly how lucky they were to catch one of the rarest colors of lobsters.

According to the report, the blue lobster was legally in size and healthy.

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In BBC News, the report explained that most lobsters in the sea are dark brown. Other uncommon colors, such as yellow, red and orange.

The report explained that the abnormal genetic difference in lobsters results in a different color. For example, Times reported that catching brown-and-orange lobsters is considered a one in 50 million chance.

The bizarre coloration of the said lobsters is amazing and majestic, adding the rare chance to unravel from the sea.

Did you know? More facts about lobsters

According to Britannica, lobsters are known marine crustaceans. They are covered with shells, one of the sea’s favorite foods.

Unlike other animals, lobsters are resourceful animals that look for dead animals in the sea for food sources.

According to Times, lobsters can generate their limbs if it is injured or damaged. They can grow more by eating more food from scavenged dead animals, including fish.

The report added that, unlike other crustaceans, lobsters have their way of eating. With the gastric mill inside their stomach, they can grind food.

Meanwhile, NOAA Fisheries reported the United States has two known lobster species: the American ‘True’ lobster and the spiny lobster.

NOAA added that the American lobster could weigh up to 45 pounds and be found in North Carolina, Newfoundland and North America.

In addition, the report explained that lobsters could lay eggs. Female lobsters are great mothers, carrying the eggs for about nine to 12 months.

Visit the NOAA Fisheries website for more facts about lobsters.

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