Western United States to Expect Troublesome Snow Conditions This Week

Residents and motorists in the Western United States would expect troublesome snow this week, causing possible slower commutes and travel disruptions.

With a week before March begins, the weather forecasts said that there is still a possible winter storm or snowstorm this winter season.

The early weeks of February became challenging for many parts of the US due to threats of tornadoes, ice storms, winter storms and thunderstorms.

Snow conditions in the Western United States

March 14, 2021 in Denver, Colorado

(Photo : by Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images)
March 14, 2021 in Denver, Colorado. Western United States to Expect Troublesome Snow Conditions This Week 

Furthermore, AccuWeather’s latest forecast this Feb. 20 revealed that a potent storm pattern is expected in the Western US, bringing colder and snow conditions.

Motorists and commuters traveling this week should monitor the latest forecasts, especially those in the affected areas.

As the spring season comes near, the latest forecast warned of arctic air and heavy snow this week.

In Eastern US, many residents felt the spring-like temperatures last week.

However, the weather forecasts noted that parts of the West would also notice mild weather conditions in the early week.

According to AccuWeather’s outlook, the stormy conditions would unload snow and rain on Monday.

  • Rain is expected in Portland.
  • Snow is forecast in Prince George, Vancouver, Boise, Helena and Calgary.
  • The forecast said strong winds would unleash in Las Vegas, Tucson, El Paso, Roswell and Grand Junction from Tuesday night to Wednesday.
  • Chance of snow is expected in Northern Rockies, Colorado and the Cascades.

Besides the snow, the windy conditions can add more concerns for motorists and homeowners.

Homeowners should secure their outdoor equipment or items due to stronger winds.

The weather forecasts added that the stronger winds would be noticeable in parts of Montana, Wyoming and Livingston.

While forecasts noted a possible winter storm in parts of the US, a snowstorm would cause problematic situations in Reno, Boise, Denver and Billings.

The blowing would result in road hazards and road closures.

Winter storm on West Coast

On the other hand, the National Weather Prediction Center reported that a prolonged winter storm is forecast in the West and parts of the Northern United States.

NWS’s latest advisory explained that the major winter storm would unload blizzard conditions and heavy snow on West Coast, Northeast and Great Lakes.

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The advisory noted that the winter storm could impact livestock and outdoor activities this week.

Furthermore, the weather forecast warned of blizzard conditions, causing significant power outages and damage to properties.

The challenging weather conditions would become troublesome, especially the freezing rain and wintry mix.

Meanwhile, the snow outlook would lead to colder temperatures. Cold-related health risks are possible due to freezing weather, including hypothermia and frostbite.

Homeowners should check the temperatures of their family members, especially those with pre-existing health conditions.

Wearing the appropriate winter clothes would help you stay warm amidst the colder temperatures.

On the other hand, the National Weather Service (NWS) explained that the unsettled weather outlook would unfold this week.

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