Winter Storm Tips: Facts About Freezing Fog in United Kingdom, United States

Residents and motorists have to deal with the difficulty of freezing fog that was unleashed this month in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

The challenging weather conditions would bring travel hazards, from significant travel disruptions and road accidents.

During freezing fog, motorists and residents in the affected areas should consider checking the current weather conditions to prevent any possible hazards or accidents.

The beginning of January has recorded severe and extreme weather conditions that have unfolded.

Foggy conditions in the United Kingdom and Canada

According to The Guardian, the United Kingdom has suffered from a cold snap, flood warnings and freezing temperatures. The polar vortex’s influence helped bring colder temperatures to the country.

As flood warnings continued, the foggy weather conditions raised concerns in the United Kingdom. In London, the report said that the city issued a high pollution alert after cold weather conditions unleashed this week.

The significant heavy snow resulted in widespread flight delays and slower commutes.

Meanwhile, The Weather Network reported that a classic Canada air would unload colder temperatures in the country, causing freezing conditions. Quebec and Southern Ontario have suffered from heavy snow and rounds of heavy rain.

United States Weather

January 31, 2019 in York, United Kingdom

(Photo : by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images)
January 31, 2019 in York, United Kingdom

On the other hand, parts of the United States have dealt with the brunt of powerful storm systems. AccuWeather reported that the Northeast and Midwest had to deal with the intense snow. On the other hand, parts of the United States have dealt with the brunt of powerful storm systems. AccuWeather reported that the Northeast and Midwest had to deal with the intense snow.

The winter storm resulted in foggy conditions and reduced weather visibility, causing widespread power outages and travel delays.

Many Colorado, Michigan and Pennsylvania roads are forecast to receive more snow this weekend.

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Overall, snow has been everyone. Not to mention that portions of Eastern Asia had to cope with the colder weather this week. In Japan and South Korea, CNN reported that the said countries had intense snow.

Did you know?

  • According to History, a powerful snowstorm rampaged East Coast, Boston and New York on March 11 to March 14, 1888, unloading heavy snow and extreme cold temperatures.
  • The report called the devastating snowstorm a Great White Hurricane after it caused 400 deaths and widespread damage in New York and Boston.
  •  The impact of the powerful snow system lasted for days that affected essential transportation and communication systems.

Staying safe during foggy conditions

The weather forecasts explained how dangerous foggy conditions would be. Staying safe is essential for homeowners and car owners, especially since it becomes common during snow storms.

According to American Red Cross, winter storms can be life-threatening, from foggy conditions, heavy snow and extreme cold temperatures. Here are some of the important reminders to keep in mind.

  • It is better to stay at home when foggy weather worsens. There is a high chance of becoming stranded or suffering from hours of commute.
  • If you insist on commuting or traveling, let people know about your travel details in case of an emergency.
  • Drive very slowly with essential following distance from nearby vehicles. Use your car’s headlights to alert other vehicles and offer more visibility.

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